Water FurnaceWater Furnace Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems come in three basic configurations, designed to meet the needs of your home and provide the highest efficiency and the greatest energy savings. To see if you qualify for financing, please call EnerBank at 887-724-3552. They will be happy to walk you through over-the-phone application to see if you qualify.

All-In-One Systems

Water Furnace EnvisionProvide year round comfort. Built to heat through the winter months, and provide cooling all summer. Water Furnace geothermal heat pump systems replace the traditional indoor furnace/outdoor air conditioning applications.

Split Geothermal Systems

Provide installation flexibility with the capability to be installed with a remote air handler. Water Furnace geothermal splits can be used to provide comfort for the entire home, or individual zones like the second story on a large home. Using geothermal split systems in conjunction with a fossil fuel furnace “turbocharges” the system for increased efficiency.

Hydronic Geothermal Systems

These units are designed for heating and cooling water in applications like: Radiant floor heating; Domestic hot water; Snow/Ice Melt. The modularized design and controls of Water Furnace hydronic geothermal systems enable optimum capacity matching and staging.

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